PT Plumpang Raya Anugrah “PRA” is Drilling Company specializing in Drilling Project Management and Rig Services. PRA has extensive experience and a proven track record in drilling project management, Drilling and workover in oil, gas and geothermal projects.We are among Indonesias strongest, fastest-growing Drilling project management and rig services companies. Equipped with advanced technological ability, empowered by a culture of innovation and action, driven by a Single-minded commitment to service. We deliver results to our customers throughout Indonesia. PRA has the equipment and staff to satisfy all your companies requirements.

PRA is Fully licensed with the Ministry of the Environment as a well contractor to install decommission and monitor wells, allowing us to provide you with competative pricing and a impressive service.

Our Vision
“Be the best partner of choice in the Geothermal, Oil & Gas Drilling Services Industry and Integrated Project Management.”

Our Mision
“We provide Geothermal, Oil & Gas Drilling Services and Integrated Project Management with professional and safe solutions to create value for all our stakeholders.”

Our Core Value
Our values serve as a compass for our actions:

Integrity : Earning trust and respect through honesty and ethics.
Excellence : Driving quality, innovation and continuous improvement.
Commitment : Delivering the promise.
Knowledgeable : Learning and becoming experts in our fields.
Loyalty : Be proud as family member of the company.

Our Core Value
Our values serve as a compass for our actions:

Safety : We do safety without compromise.
Ownership : We do what is the best for the company.
Customer Focus : We act in the best interest of our customers.
Productivity : We work effectively and efficiently.
Collaboration : We work together with all stakeholders as a team
People : We respect and value others.